Education is the Key

It cultivates awareness and empathy, and fosters healing in our community.


Our Safe Zone Training is an interactive and engaging workshop that is designed to bring awareness to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) experiences and to help eradicate bullying, violence and unfair practices directed at these members of our community.  


This 3-hour workshop (2-hour virtually) is open to all who wish to learn, have serious and meaningful dialogue, become allies or enhance LGBTQ understanding. We will examine common misconceptions, biases and prejudices that disrupt the harmony of our communities. All participants who complete the training will receive a Safe Zone decal indicating their commitment to ensuring their space is welcoming and safe. 

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*Community Safe Zone Training sessions are FREE and open to the public.


Private Safe Zone Training 

Would you like a private session? Let us bring Safe Zone Training to you and your business, school or church! Include this workshop in your Inclusion and Diversity Program for staff.

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Community Safe Zone Training Schedule


Virtual Workshops

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Safe Zone Training


Terminology and Concepts

Myths and Stereotypes

Gender / Gender Expression vs Sex

What is Unconscious Bias

What’s All of This ‘Transgender’ Talk

Pronouns and Inclusive Language

What to Do If Someone Comes Out to Me

Being a Great Ally

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